Alex Raney

Color / Stylist

The ever-changing quality of the hair industry is one of the most enticing components for Alex’s continual growth. It is the catalyst that keeps her on the cutting edge of tendencies and new techniques.

Specializing in blonde hair, lived-in haircuts, and color, she strives to give her clients long-lasting cuts and hues that grow out in a soft and subtle way. Her arsenal of techniques includes numerous extension methods such as hand-tied extensions and tape-in extensions.

Alex firmly believes that an educated client equates to a healthy mane. She understands the power of hair care and utilizing the right products to prevent hair damage before it materializes. This is one of the many other reasons why she has such a loyal clientele.

“My vision of my future changes so often, and I stay excited about everything that ever comes my way and bears every challenge thrown in my direction with acceptance.”

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