Jared Jaime

Color Specialist

Jared pushes boundaries like a true color alchemist to deliver a unique bespoke palette for every client sitting in his chair. His artistic perspective lends him to mastery of varied hair coloring techniques through diverse professional experiences.

He always had an acute sense of the color spectrum and susceptibility for all things hair. Jared’s extensive work experience began at a global hairdressing brand, where he acquired invaluable knowledge and learned creative techniques for producing flawless color.

His artistry led him to become the National Technical Creative Director and received numerous accolades, including Colorist of the Year for several years and a featured artist for the Behind the Chair trade show.

“My partner, clients, and team are a huge part of what motivates me to better myself. Ultimately, I want to leverage my experience in the industry to create a collaborative platform that inspires fellow hairstylists’ confidence and self-expression behind the chair.”

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