Stephen Jaime

Cut Specialist

To Stephen being a hairstylist is a vocation, not just a title or a role; this passion keeps his technique and scissors sharp. Producing an emerging sense of beauty within each client with his hair-cutting designs makes him believe it is the best usage of his talent.

A true expert with nearly 13 years of experience, Stephen has been featured in numerous publications, has worked during New York fashion week, and has won a multitude of awards, including Hairdresser of the year and national artistic team of the year.

Before joining the Raw Hair and Co. team, Stephen supervised advanced academy education in the DFW area as the regional creative director of a prestigious global brand. Today, he’s channeled his years of expertise and distinct sense of style to advance the Raw Hair and Co. education program.

“I try to keep my eyes open every day and everywhere I go. Whether artists, mediums, nature, colors, and geometry, they all evoke emotion.”

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